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Metal Products

MH70-22 Gold wire 17.5um x 100m long
MH70-21 Gold wire 25um x 100m long
MH70-26 Gold wire 33um x 100m long
MH70-24 Gold wire 50um x 100m long
MH70-28 Gold Ribbon 13 x 76um x 20m long
MH70-23 Gold Ribbon 20 x 100um x 10m long
MH70-25 Gold Ribbon 20 x 200um x 10m long
MH70-27 Gold Ribbon 25 x 250um x 10m long
MH74-41 Aluminium Wire 25um x 100m long
MH74-42 Aluminium Wire 33um x 100m long
MH74-43 Aluminium Wire 50um x 70m long
MH74-91 Aluminium Wire 100um x 200m long
MH74-93 Aluminium Wire 300um x 200m long
MH74-95 Aluminium Wire 500um x 200m long
MH79-25 Copper Wire 25um x 100m
MH79-33 Copper Wire 33um x 100m
MH79-91 Copper Wire 100um x 200m
MH79-93 Copper Wire 300um x 200m
MH79-95 Copper Wire 500um x 200m