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CeBix, LaB6 and Tungsten Filaments

Overview & Advantages:

For years, LaB6 has been the industry standard thermionic emission cathode material. CeBix™ (cerium hexaboride), that can be used as a direct replacement for LaB6. CeBix™ has several advantages over LaB6 cathodes, including:

  • Longer Lifetime
  • Faster Start-up
  • Lower Work Function
  • Higher Brightness
  • Lower Evaporation Rate
  • Capability to Recover from Contaminates
  • Reduced Effects of O2
  • Faster Stabilization after Air Exposure
  • Lower Temperature Operation at the Optimum Filament Setting

CeBix™ cathodes are a simple, direct replacement for LaB6 cathodes in nearly every instrument currently using LaB6.


List of Filaments available 

H51E-0240 Hitachi Disp Cartridge Filament, box of 10
LaB6-13775 Hitachi LaB6 SEM, each
CeBix-15842 Hitachi CeBix SEM, each
LaB6-17610 Hitachi LaB6 High res TEM, each
CeBix-17611 Hitachi CeBix High res TEM, each
LaB6-13776 Hitachi LaB6 TEM, each
CeBix-15588 Hitachi CeBix TEM, each
CeBix-15928  JEOL CeBix High res TEM, each
LaB6-15927 JEOL LaB6 High res TEM, each
LaB6-17606 JEOL LaB6 Standard, each
LaB6-13420 FEI LaB6 Standard, each
CeBix-15587 FEI CeBix Standard, each
CeBix-15840 Cameca CeBix Standard, each
LaB6-14581 Cameca LaB6 Standard, each
LaB6-12857 Zeiss/LEO LaB6 Standard, each




LaB6, CeBix and Tungsten Filaments