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Fischione Instruments’ products are found in more than 500 research laboratories worldwide. End users are microscopists, materials scientists, metallurgists, and life scientists working at universities, semiconductor manufacturers, nuclear and medical materials research firms, steel, automotive, aerospace and communications companies, as well as branches of the United States Department of Defense and several national laboratories. Products are sold direct in the U.S. and through a foreign distribution network.


Fischione Instruments products include:

  • Electropolisher ancillary products
  • Specimen preparation instruments to meet the changing focus of electron microscopy for the study of advanced materials research specimens (i.e., ceramics, semiconductors, high-Tc superconductors, and metal matrix composites) for transmission electron microscopy
  • Specialized specimen holder technology for the presentation of the specimen to the electron optics
  • Ultra-high resolution imaging detector


Fischione Instruments