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 Supertech Instruments works on different fields supervised by responsible experts for each fields. The common feature of our activities are the usage of high technology, applied for the highest requirements.


Instrumentation for:

Electrophysiology, Brain research, EEG (electroencephalogram), Biology, Multichannel recording, Electronics, Laser accessories, Vibration Isolation, Pharmacology, Genetics, Neurobiology, Neurology, Biophysics, Brain surgery, Cardiology


Solutions for:

  • Vibration isolation: (Passive and Active) Tables, Optical Tables and Damping Plates
  • In-situ Optical Microscopy Stages: Heating (Direct or warm air jet), Slice Chambers and Incubators
  • Biological signal amplifiers, signal generation, measurement and data analysis
  • Temperature management for physiology and biology plus in-line solution heaters
  • Stereotaxic frames
  • Behavioural conditioning
  • Perfusion Valve Controllers